Corneal epithelial surface disease / injury may result from either one of the following conditions which mau lead to limbal stem cell damage.
It may be caused by

  • Keratitis sicca,
  • Xerophthalmia,
  • Chemical and thermal burns,
  • Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid,
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and numerous skin diseases
  • Ulcerative Keratitis

In case of unilateral limbal stem cell deficiency or damage, NCRM has developed a new method of ocular surface reconstruction by expanding stem cells from limbus of the opposite healthy eye using Nano Polymers as a substitute for Stroma which supports the epithelial growth and subsequent transplantation. Nano Polymers supported the proliferation of epithelial cells in culture and the cells were viable. Limbal Stem Cell markers were expressed and corneal phenotype suggesting that Nano Polymers retains the stemness of the cultured cells.  Such Nano polymers overcomes problem related to the use of allogenic tissue and biological substrate. These Nano Polymers could be custom fabricated to suit each condition and could provide a ready supply of materials for clinical use and avoid poor mechanical strength and risk of immunologic rejection. Nano Polymers are non-toxic and biodegradable with adequate tensile strength.  



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